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  • Medicine industry: for manufacturing semifinished product of metamizole sodium and aminopyrine.
  • Rubber industry: used as coagulative agent.
  • Dye-industry: used as dechlorination agent and cotton boiling-off agent for bleached cotton.
  • Leather industry: makes leather soft, well-developed, tough waterproof, anti-break, wear-ability and etc.
  • Chemical industry: used for manufacturing hydrochloride, hydroxylamine and etc.
  • Food industry: used as bleaching agent, preservative agent, antioxidant.

Ultramarine Blue

We offer a range of Ultramarine Blue that is available in a variety of grades starting from lower grades to the finest quality grades. The variety of Ultramarine Blue provided by us is of laundry grade and industrial gradescan be availed by our clients at competitive prices.

It has various applications related to painting and engraving and is also used:

  • As blue colorant in master batches and plastic resins
  • As an optical whitener on fabric, paper, plastics, rubber and paints
  • As a blue colorant in printing inks, etc.

Sodium Bisulphite

Our range of Sodium Bisulpite, is a chemical sanitizer, preservative and water dechlorinator. For these applications, sodium bisulfite is interchangeable with another bisulfite, sodium metabisulfite. Sodium bisulfite is available in a granulated form that resembles table salt. Combining sodium bisulfite with water produces sulfur dioxide gas, which kills unwanted microorganisms. Sodium bisulfite also prevents oxidation and as so, acts as a preservative.

Potassium Metabisulfite

Avail from us Potassium Metabisulfite, which is used as a photographic chemical, pharmaceutical chemical, laboratory reagent and in dyes. These are light cream colored material, free from foreign particles with faint smell of sulphur dioxide gas. Our range is known for effectiveness, precise ph value and accurate composition.

Applications :

  • Oil Field Company
  • Photo Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Color Fixer & Developer
  • Leather Industry
  • Film Processing Labs
  • Liquid Fertilizers

Excellence in Quality

We follow international quality norms and ensure that our products are highly efficient in its performance. We conduct quality checks at every level of production. These checks are implemented through our team of highly qualified technicians. Our quality inspectors do not select any product which does not conform to the specified quality standards.

Our Infrastructure

Our strong and adequate infrastructure has enabled us to constantly serve the needs of the market and stay abreast with new technology. Our efficient workforce and an arsenal of the finest machines and equipments ensure qualitative production.

Our Client Base

Our consistent commitment to product quality has helped us reach a widespread network of clients across the globe. Some of the countries that we mainly export to include Bangladesh, Russia, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Ghana, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Egypt. We have arrangements for all types of machine packing and manual packing, as per the requirements of the clients.

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